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Shiny happy Mim and Bebe?

Totally and utterly G Fanart.. I umm imagine they are at a formal dance or something like that!


Apologetic Moderator Drabble Prompt

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been so dead around here lately. I'd hoped to have more free time after graduating, but it seems I have less. The new job is a bit more demanding than I'd thought.

Doc is just a slacker. You can hit Doc with wet pool noodles, if you want. Just kidding Doc, you know I love you.

I promise I'll have some new stuff soon. I've got a fic about Max in the works, and I just bought a new tablet so there ought to be more artwork.

In the meantime, I'm opening up prompts for another round of drabbles.

This time, all you need to do is name a character.

That's it! Give me a name, and I'll write you a drabble. Unless Doc wants to write one.

As always, you can ask for more than one, and there is no limit on how many you can request. So Doc, you can make ten prompts.

Hopefully I'll have a solid story for you all soon. (As it is, I'm making this post from my desk at work.)

Fic: Two Blue

Title: Two Blue
Author: fleur_de_liz
Rating: PG
Characters: Jaime (and his family/friends), Ted, Booster
Word Count: 4,090 words
Author's Note: This is the story of how Jaime met Ted, since their meeting in Booster Gold doesn't count. Beta by the lovely doctorv.

So Jaime, how was Boston?Collapse )

Fanfic - Shiny New Things

Title: Shiny New Things
Author: Axolotl_lan</a></a>
Rating: PG
Characters: Guy and Booster with Bonus inclusion of Beebee, Joey and Tora
Summary: Shopping for a Birthday gift/ giving of said gift.

Fic - I Hear a New World

 Title: I Hear a New World Calling Me
Author: Axolotl_lan</a>
Rating: R *Jay cursed.*
Characters: mainly Dick and Oracle
Summary: What happened to the World that was left behind. A/U
Author's Note: I thought of another one... >_<

Oh, I'm Asking for Trouble Here...

I've got more than enough stuff to work on for the comm, but you know me, glutton for punishment.

Plus we haven't had one of these in a while and I was inspired by museofspeed.

So, once again, I'm opening up a drabble prompt post!

Go ahead and request anything you want (well, anything pertaining to the New World Order and/or the New Elseworlds Order). If there's anything you've been dying to see, ask away! Even if it's something Doc and I are planning to use later for a bigger story.

I want to see a whole lot of prompts, so all of you lurkers out there, get your thinking caps on. Don't let Doc make all the requests this time. :D

Edit: As always, you can ask for more than one. Thanks, museofspeed for reminding me.

And Now, For Something Different...

Hi guys!

Sorry it's been quiet around here lately, doctorv keeps going out of town and I just started a new job. Fortunately, we have axolotl_lan and duskdog717 to provide us with amazing fics when we get a little quiet.

Just so you know what's coming soon, I've got one fic Doc's beta-ing right now, one fic I'm writing, and a very large folder of things that could become fics at any time.

So that's that.

As for this post, I realized as I was finishing "Life After Wartime" that I may, in fact, be the only person actually familiar with Boston and the surrounding area. Here I am name-dropping places that some of you might have never seen ever.

So this is the "Life After Wartime" photo post. All of these pictures have been Googled for your convenience. Sorry, dialuppers, this is image-heavy.

And now, a comprehensive picture post of Earth-Lemniscate, Boston.Collapse )

Fic: Hoogz (Guy/Tora, Joey)

Community's been kind of quiet lately, so... have some fic!

Title: Hoogz
Author: duskdog717
Characters/Pairing: Guy/Tora, Joey
Rating: G
Word Count: 488
Continuity: New World Order
Summary: Baby Joey knows exactly four words. "Football" isn't one of them.
Disclaimer: DC owns 'em. Except for Joey and the NWO -- those belong to doctorv and phoenixfire_lia
Author's Notes/Warnings: Another random snippet of NWO parenthood, partially inspired by talking to a Norwegian lady at the dentist today and getting her lovely accent stuck in my head. 

Fanfic - Once its Gone

Title: Once its Gone
Author: Axolotl_lan
Rating: PG-13
Characters: mostly Batman, mentions of others
Summary: What happened to the World that was left behind. A/U
Author's Note: I hope this is alright, I will remove it if it is unacceptable.


Fic: By a Landslide

Title: By a Landslide
Author: fleur_de_liz
Rating: PG for non-graphic descriptions of childbirth
Pairings: Michael/Ted, Bea/Shel/Trixie
Word Count: 1,258 words
Author's Note: A little something for Father's Day. I would've included all of our New World Order dads, but Booster and Ted get first dibs.

Any other Sunday, it would be far too early for Ted and Michael to be awake.Collapse )